Vision Vallejo & The General Plan Update




To the caterpillar,

    Metamorphosis is the end of everything.

    To the city of Vallejo,

    It’s the beginning of a new life as a butterfly.


Defining Visions—

Creating scenarios emerging from creative processes driven by the deep hope of concerned citizens, leaders and all stakeholders exploring and experimenting with their minds’ higher creativity, taking Vallejo into the future.


The visioning process begins from the present state of affairs and looks into the future, by liberating the unconscious, considering all possibilities where desired results can be envisioned and achieved.


Visualization in groups identifies important relevant factors that help visions come alive, making our city a place where creativity is empowered and opportunities are attained.


Encouraging everyone to view the future through an innovative collective lens, while leveraging assets to achieve the desired state, leads to a collective understanding of what must be accomplished in order to achieve the desired result.


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The Way Forward


Visioning requires forward thinking; no looking back or dwelling on the past.


Visioning implies overcoming obstacles, solving problems, making improvements, and creating a future, without regard to present conditions or restraints.


Visioning entails getting out in front of events to create a desired future and leading the way to realize sought-after accomplishments and mutual prosperity. Those who get it right can indeed create a desirable future that benefits everyone.


Supply and demand is not something to depend upon, it is something to be created within the visioning process. A market analysis has no place in a visioning process.


If someone were to ask, “Where are the market studies?” or “What’s the existing demand or availability?” they are actually dwelling on the present, reacting primarily to existing events. 


Reliance on such an outmoded old-school approach to visioning equates to acceptance of present-day conditions as they are, living constantly behind the curve, succumbing to existing external market forces and relying on others to shape one’s world, with little chance of charting one’s own future.


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The Working Group


With the expert guidance of the PlaceWorks consultants, the general plan working group, along with numerous city-wide workshop contributions of a great number of Vallejo citizens, have successfully completed a comprehensive visioning process that identifies a powerful vision for Vallejo: “River and Bay City.”


This preferred scenario is both comprehensive and compelling, and warrants unanimous approval and adoption to continue the rezoning and completion of an updated general plan for the City.


Tony Adams                Chair of the  General Plan Working Group