Abuse Victim's Family Member has a Message for Candidate Hakeem Brown



This message was posted on Facebook by Christopher Thomas - a family member of Chana.  Her story was featured in the Open Vallejo investigative account of Hakeem Brown's criminal history of domestic violence.  


"Say her name Hakeem Brown she isn't a "2012 incident" Her name is Chana.  She became a school teacher after she left your abuse.  She never healed from your violence.  These aren't allegations, we all saw the bruising, the broken teeth, the missing hair.  Your son would constantly punch things when I first met him; he must have seen your violence first hand at a very young age.  You would call yourself Tony Soprano.

You aren't wealthy, when you came to NJ, you couldn't even afford to pay for your own meal.  When Chana's family paid for your food; you threw a tantrum and abused Chana in front of everyone by viciously pulling her away from the table by her arm.  I guess your anger comes out with your insecurities.  Chana stuck by you even after finding out you were not a "multi millionaire" music executive and rather a man living in a small apartment with his mom on welfare.

You never called your son on his birthdays or holidays.  Never sent gifts.  Nothing for almost 8 years. Ignored emails from Chana asking for diapers.  You didn't gain custody because you are a good father; its simply the fact that Florida does not recognize the parental rights of grandparents.  In 2019, you even offered to give up rights to your son in exchange for Chana not pursuing a child support claim against you.  You declared your salary as $14,700 a year - far cry from "Tony Soprano."

The story doesn't even go into the more horrific acts you committed, such as throwing her into a pile of dog poop and forcing her to lay in it until you decided to let her up.  You forced yourself upon her sexually according to Chana.  Her family has stayed silent for years; it was a regrettable mistake.  After all, the reason why the charges were dropped was because you told Chana you would kill her and her family (my family!).  She just wanted away from you and to start over.  The two restraining orders in NJ and CA describe it all is stark detail.

Chana's family sees all the supportive comments and people organizing petitions and protests and we thank you. Hakeem Brown is a bad man, a violent man - please continue to hold him accountable. The reckoning has finally come."

f you or someone you know are a victim of domestic violence please use the National Domestic Violence Hotline: https://www.thehotline.org