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The Napa/Solano Central Labor Council Spins Support of Candidate Brown


Sidling in crab-like under the cynical title “These are our Mothers, Wives, Sisters and Siblings  …,” the CLC statement attempts to soften and blur what has suddenly become painfully obvious in the harsh light of day.  Their leadership shows terrible judgment, and this is one more example of how far apart their interests lie from those of Vallejo residents.  In the very first paragraph the committee’s propaganda wizards want to suggest that somehow the revelations are old news: “While we were all aware of Hakeem’s prior conviction in 2002 and the time served for his offence…”


Really?  We were all aware of that?  Maybe your crony network was aware of it but it was news to the rest of us.  I think some who were vaguely aware he had spent some time in prison were under the impression that it was for drug and weapons charges - considered edgy and cool in some circles.  How many of those voters you talked into casting ballots to put Mr. Brown on the Council in 2018 knew any of this record, much less the horrific nature of that offense?  How many voted for him this time around, CLC, thanks to your efforts before the truth came out?  He certainly was not out there talking with voters about any of these experiences or what he had learned from them. 


The attempt to turn this into a he said/she said situation is unconscionable and pathetic in equal measure.  They actually quote Mr. Brown’s weak attempt at a defense as though it’s worth repeating:  “…he stated that he hoped everyone would look at the article, and separate fact from fiction in regards to his record.”  What, because he adamantly denies one wife’s testimony that she was pregnant when he was punching her in the stomach?  Who are we going to believe on that score?  We don’t hear him denying the extent of the abuse, only her condition at the time. 


He was ordered twice by the courts to attend 52 weeks of anger management therapy in two counties, which shows little evidence of any lasting effect.  Our current Mayor just described being on the receiving end of his angry outbursts to a news reporter on camera, and numerous local women have told us their stories of very recent wildly inappropriate behavior and language.  No, it’s not old news; it’s not about believing Mr. Brown when he disputes particular details of the account; and it’s not about redemption or second or third or fourth chances.  He is not temperamentally equipped to hold public office, and he will always be seen in the light of these stories.  Stop trying to prop him up and let the City move past this civic embarrassment.