Candidate Brown Voices His Disdain for Cement Plant Opponents

Click on the image and watch candidate for Mayor Hakeem Brown express his contempt for the people who spent three years fighting to keep Orcem Americas from building a cement plant in South Vallejo.  He claims all they cared about was "themselves and their view."  His misconceptions are understandable, though.  He was not involved in the fight, so how would he know that the main concern was the environmental impact on the residents of South Vallejo (not to mention the injustice of choosing a predominantly Black and Latino working-class neighborhood as the location of a major polluter.)

Screen Shot 2020-10-02 at 8.31.12 AM.png


Hearing this vitriol may be confusing for those who remember that Mr. Brown spoke against the Orcem project in front of the Planning Commission.  Apparently he was duped at the time by these contemptibly selfish newbie environmental zealots.  Once he hooked up with the likes of the Napa Solano Labor Council we became objects of scorn.  Those are the same people who repeatedly packed our city council chambers with county union members in safety vests in an attempt to muscle through a polluting slag cement milling operation on our waterfront. 

Some more choice excerpts from the same zoom meeting video, with time stamps:


“We don’t need no more hooray, mascots leading the charge.  You ain’t even been in our town long enough to be leading the charge.  You know, I don’t like that.  Don’t get to our town and decide now you want to be an advocate.  Go sit your ass down.  We don’t need you.  You can’t speak for nobody but yourself.  Period. “


“More than likely you didn’t grow up here.  You ain’t spent a lot of time here.  You’re retired.  You could give a damn about any kid that lives here and as much as you act like you care about poor people or Black people or Brown people you could give a goddamn about them based on your actions.  We don’t need your leadership.  I tell people, “I don’t got no shining white knight.”  Go sit your butts down and let us lead.”


“You ain’t saving us cause you shut down the cement plant.  Seriously, you ain’t saved nobody but yourself and your views.  Period.  You ain’t did a damn thing for working class families here in the community.”


“The next thing I know we’ll have a whole bunch of new people coming to Vallejo who swear they know what is best for us.  Right?  We keep getting people who come in ain’t been here and now you want to be an advocate.  Period.  And all you’all it aint’ no diverse.  A couple of tokens don’t make you diverse."



“The only thing you guys share in common is your newness to this community and your privilege.  That’s it.  You all ain’t got nothing in common with real Vallejoans."

Real Vallejoans?  Does this sound like a man interested in serving all the residents of our city?  

Vote Robert McConnell for Mayor.