They stood with Hakeem Brown...

...and then they sat back down


Here's a rundown of individuals and organizations who have pulled their endorsement of Mr. Brown in the Mayor's race.


A campaign mailer touting endorsements  is gutted as people and organizations

withdraw support

Rescinded Endorsements

Solano County Democratic Party - "The Solano  County Democratic Central Committee voted to rescind the endorsement of Hakeem Brown for Mayor of Vallejo in the 2020 election following a Special Meeting on October 22.  We thank all the members of the public for your input prior to the meeting."

The United Democrats of Southern Solano County (who endorsed McConnell) issued a statement that:  "deplores the domestic violence of Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Hakeem Brown.  We call upon all elected officials, community leaders, and organizations to rescind their endorsements of Mr. Brown and condemn his actions in no uncertain terms.  Anything less is tantamount to condoning domestic violence and further victimizing his victims.


We further call upon Mr. Brown to suspend his candidacy and resign from his council seat.  Mr. Brown’s domestic violence, his continued mistreatment of community members, his council term and his continued candidacy are an embarrassment to Vallejo.  Only his departure from the council and the mayoral race can begin the healing process Vallejo so desperately needs.”

Vallejo Chamber of Commerce  - "Violence against women is a grave violation that deprives women of their fundamental ability to live with dignity.  Accountability by the perpetrators of such violence, law enforcement, and the judicial system is essential to enable women to live free from violence.  As a public official, a candidate’s past conduct matters. Our city deserves and we expect honesty, integrity, competence, compassion and confidence in our elected officials.  Given these most recent reports, ValPAC and the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce are withdrawing our endorsement of Councilmember Hakeem Brown for Mayor of the City of Vallejo."


The Napa Solano Central Labor Council - "regrets to inform our members and the Community that we have voted to pull our endorsement of Hakeem Brown for Mayor of Vallejo. The Delegate body, made up of representatives of our 48 affiliated Unions who work on behalf of over 40,000 members, felt that Councilmember Brown’s lack of transparency surrounding his criminal past was a violation of the trust that we had placed in him when we voted to endorse."

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 1245  "In light of recent news regarding previously undisclosed domestic violence convictions, IBEW Local 1245 — which represents more than 200 members employed by the City of Vallejo, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, Island Energy and other local signatory employers — is rescinding its endorsement of Hakeem Brown for Mayor of Vallejo."

Service Employees International Union Local 1021 "formally withdraws its endorsement of Hakeem Brown for mayor of Vallejo. The decision to withdraw the endorsement was made democratically by union members after a meeting with the candidate following media reports about the candidate’s history of domestic violence."  One of the members of the Committee on Political Education for the union said, ..."we can not continue to support his campaign for mayor, because we have not seen him take full accountability for the harm he has caused.  We expect better from our elected officials, and we demand better from our leaders.”

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionThe Northern California District Council released the following statement regarding Hakeem Brown: ”After careful deliberation and discussions with the Napa Solano Central Labor Council, the ILWU Northern California District Council has voted to withdraw our endorsement of Hakeem Brown for Mayor of Vallejo.

We believe strongly in providing people a second chance and support their efforts to make amends for harms they may have caused. However, the lack of transparency from Councilmember Brown regarding his alleged past conduct that has recently come to light was a violation of our trust."

K. Patrice Williams, the founder of the Solano/Napa Chapter of Black Women Organized for Political Action, called the decision to withdraw her support “a gut-wrenching struggle.”  She ultimately decided that in light of the extent of the abuse history and lack of transparency she must drop her endorsement.   "I’m proud of BWOPA’s endorsement process, but I do not support the decision to continue to support Hakeem for mayor. How do I sleep at night knowing that there are victims out there who do not feel supported?”

The BWOPA voted 15 to 14 to retain their endorsement, and Williams wrote that “Black women are divided.”

Lori D. Wilson, former Mayor of Suisun City and member of the BWOPA Executive Committee felt it necessary to resign her position.  She writes: “On this issue, I cannot faithfully discharge my duty in good conscience, therefore I have resigned my position on the Executive Committee.  According to the article that was substantially documented, Councilmember Hakeem Brown has a history of abusing women. He has yet to acknowledge this past with humility and truth.  As a result, he has leaned on the political capital of others to support his political endeavors without regard to those he hurt.”

Assemblyman Tim Grayson - “It is false choice to believe that one must choose between support for those traumatized by domestic violence – who deserve to have their stories heard and valued – and those who depend upon restorative justice to rebuild their lives,” Grayson wrote in a statement released by his campaign. “In light of the recent information that has been disclosed, it is with much consideration that I rescind my endorsement of mayoral candidate Hakeem Brown."

John Fox, President Vallejo Unified School District Board - "Domestic violence and abuse towards anyone should never be tolerated.  The news this last week has been very depressing locally. Last Tuesday I rescinded my endorsement for Hakeem Brown on his candidacy for Mayor of Vallejo, based on the newly revealed information from Open Vallejo.  There is a lot of healing that needs to happen."

Lateefah Simon, BART Board of Directors

Jess Malgapo, former City Councilmember

AnaMarie Farias, Vice Mayor, Martinez

A. Marie Young, Trustee, Solano Community College District, Vallejo

High-powered political consultancy the Lew Edwards Group no longer represents Hakeem Brown in his bid for Mayor of Vallejo, a spokesperson has confirmed to Open Vallejo.

After initially suggesting that it’s wrong to “judge people by allegations,”  Councilmember and longtime supporter Pippin Dew writes:  “… in light of the information released this past week that I was not previously made aware of, I am rescinding my endorsement of his mayoral campaign at this time.”

She ends with a curious sentence:  "I will stand by the vote of our residents, and encourage all to be diligent in their research of all candidates.”  That statement is curious on two counts.  First it doesn't seem to hold her to the same standard in researching candidates she backs so strongly.  She has been in a much better position than the average resident to recognize the warning signs of temperamental instability our current Mayor has talked about.  


Second, she seems to infer that the election currently underway can somehow serve as a measure of public tolerance for a man serving as our Mayor who concealed a record of serial domestic abuse.  Her pledge to "stand by the vote" appears to be an attempt to bolster the position Mr. Brown has telegraphed while refusing to withdraw from the Mayor's race.   “I am fully prepared to accept the ultimate will and judgement of you – the people and the voters that I serve,” he wrote.

Let's be clear.  The election underway is not a referendum on whether Mr. Brown can continue to play any role in Vallejo elective politics going forward.  The candidate presented a false front to voters for years, and throughout the entire campaign season.  Voting was already underway before the truth came out.  Mr. Brown can never be regarded as the legitimate winner of the November 3 election no matter what the vote total.   Withdraw and resign.  It's over.