More Deception from the Brown for Mayor Campaign

A years-long campaign based on fake transparency and falsehoods continues right up to Election Day with a new round of mailers attempting to fool Vallejo voters one more time.  This piece of propaganda pretends to come from the Democratic Party, presenting Hakeem Brown as part of the "Team for Democratic Voters" alongside the national and regional Democratic candidates.  The flip side even tries to place him in the company of Party icons Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Barack Obama. 

The mailer declares in several places that Hakeem Brown is the "Democratic Party's SOLE choice for Vallejo Mayor!"  That's not true.  It's not even close.  The United Democrats of Southern Solano county, the oldest established Democratic club in Vallejo endorsed Robert McConnell, as did the local Stonewall Dem club.  

The Solano  County Democratic Central Committee voted to rescind the endorsement of Hakeem Brown for Mayor of Vallejo in the 2020 election following a Special Meeting on October 22.   The United Democrats of Southern Solano County (who endorsed McConnell) issued a statement that:  "deplores the domestic violence of Councilmember and Mayoral candidate Hakeem Brown.  We call upon all elected officials, community leaders, and organizations to rescind their endorsements of Mr. Brown and condemn his actions in no uncertain terms.  Anything less is tantamount to condoning domestic violence and further victimizing his victims.


We further call upon Mr. Brown to suspend his candidacy and resign from his council seat.  Mr. Brown’s domestic violence, his continued mistreatment of community members, his council term and his continued candidacy are an embarrassment to Vallejo.  Only his departure from the council and the mayoral race can begin the healing process Vallejo so desperately needs.”

Does this sound like Mr. Brown is the only choice for Vallejo Democrats and someone they want to serve as Vallejo's next Mayor? 



Portion of a mailer received the weekend before the election 


A reading of the box of tiny print gives away the game:


"THIS DOCUMENT WAS PREPARED BY DEMOCRATIC VOTERS CHOICE, NOT AN OFFICIAL POLITICAL PARTY ORGANIZATION.   Appearance in this mailer does not necessarily imply endorsement of others appearing in this mailer... Appearance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure which is designated by an *. "  


Which name on this sheet bears the asterisk?

 This offensive and deliberate attempt to deceive voters is one more example of why the results on November 3 cannot serve as a referendum on Hakeem Brown's candidacy.  We now know that the carefully cultivated image of "Reformer, Parent, Businessman' masked a record of serial violent domestic abuse, chronic anger management issues, and failure to pay child support.  The truth did not come out until the campaign season was almost over and people had already begun voting - much too late for an informed voting public to register a verdict at the polls.  There's simply no way to argue that the totals on Tuesday will reflect the vote that would have occurred  if this record had come out six months ago.

The disgraced candidate has telegraphed his strategy going forward if he should receive the most votes in the Mayor's race.  He intends to take the office and 'earn back our trust.'  That is not how representative democracy works, and this mailer is one more example of why this man does not deserve our trust.  Redemption does not come on your own terms.  If he really cares about the welfare of the City as he claims, he will resign his Council seat and work on becoming a better person and parent in private.  The last thing we need is another needless and divisive political battle that distracts from efforts for real reform.